About Us

Located at Pushang town, Shunchang County, Fujian, China, Fubao Group was founded as Shunchang Synthetic Ammonia Plant in October, 1970. We are next to Yingxia railway and national highway 316, and are only 21km from the downtown of Shunchang County. We became a limited company in March, 1995 and a Sino-foreign joint venture (from a state-run enterprise) in January, 2006. Over 37 years’ hard work, we now have become a chemical group with complete chemical industrial chain, including exploitation of chemical material, production, trade and development of downstream products.

There are more than 1,400 employees working for our group, 200 of them are technicians. We now have 1,000mu of lands, CNY 450 million of total asset, leading producing method and equipment (national level of China). Moreover, we have six subsidiaries now, including Fujian Shunchang Fubao Industry Co., Ltd., Fujian Shunchang Fubao Tengda Chemical Co., Ltd.,Fujian Fuqing Fugang Chemical Co., Ltd., and so on. Our main products include Carbamide, Carbinol, Dimethyl Ether, commodity liquid ammonia, hydrofluoric acid and ammonium hydrogen fluoride, etc. The annual throughput of our apparatus are 170,000 tons Synthetic Ammonia, 130,000 tons Carbamide, 80,000 tons industrial Carbinol, 100,000 tons Dimethyl Ether, 25,000 tons hydrofluoric acid and 8,000 tons ammonium hydrogen fluoride.

Relying on leading management system and manufacturing method, we have obtained extraordinary achievements. Stressing both on quality and social profits, we aim to win your trusts by excellent quality and service. As an ISO9001—2000 quality system approved company, we have got a lot of honors: “national trusted company of China”, “Famous brand products” from Fujian province government and Party committee, "Fubao" fertilizer, “Leading enterprise of Fujian province”, “Good company of Fujian province”, “Good company for safe production”, “Good company for good quality management in Fujian province”, “top-100 enterprise of Fujian province”; "Fubao" fertilizer is Famous brand” of Fujian province and " Customer satisfied product" of China customer association; "Fubao" Carbamide is one of national first batch exemption products from inspection; we were titled as " Customer satisfied enterprise of Fujian province" & " Customer satisfied product of Fujian province" in 2007, and "Fubao" Carbamide was approved as “national exemption product from inspection” and “Famous brand products” of Fujian province again; moreover, our anhydrous HF was approved as “Famous brand products” of Fujian province. Now, our "Fubao" serial products are well sold in the world for stable quality and excellent service. They enjoy good market shares and reputations.

Following the market demand, we are working hard on our new developing plan and adjustment of product structure. Through adopting “Production-University-Research” system, we are striving to carry out our business in the fields of brand, capital and culture, and we are working hard to be a large-scale enterprise group with good strength and professional industry fields.

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